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PURE WHITE W ( Japan's best selling whitening supplement )
270 tablets per bottle good for 1 month consumption

SHISEIDO's whitening beauty health supplement line.
Contains a blend of natural ingredients, anti oxidants, amino acids, vitamins and other key ingredients that promises to give you SMOOTH, TRANSLUCENT, LUMINOUS skin. These ingredients help restore skin damage caused by sun exposure and pollution.

PURE WHITE W contains a much more improved unique formulation that went through years of research and improvisation. It will help your skin stay white and young looking.
Some benefits to expect with this new Pure White W:
* Gives you smooth, soft and translucent skin ( not only your face but all throughout )
* Prevents skin dryness
* Prevents acne and pimples
* Improves your skin texture
* Tightens your pores
* Regularizes sleeping habits
* Regularizes monthly period
* Prevents discomfort caused by PMS
* Regularizes bowel movement
* Slimming effect ( some say it has, some users claim it doesn't )
How to take: 3 tablets at one time, 9 tablets in one day with water.

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